15 March 2013

garlic knots, dog parks, & good friends

it is important to find friends that will drink endless amount of coffee with you, not judge when you order a side of curly fries with your pancakes, and climb trees like you are nine years old again. that's just what i did this past weekend with a few of my girlfriends from high school. we spent the day walking around the upper east side of nyc chit-chatting about life and future dreams. i need more days like this :)

xo, pistol daisie

07 March 2013

...and going, and going, and going...

life has been super busy in my parts and i truly, deeply love it! having to constantly switch projects just feels natural to me so when my plate is full, i feel i am at my best. i have been working my usual hours at anthropologie, developing patterns for my dress line, selling jewelry and clutches at trunk shows, painting at the salon, helping out with display at anthropologie, designing a blog for a client, putting the finishing touches on the PISTOLdaisie website (which will be up soon i promise!), ... and the list goes on from there my friends. 

life is good. crazy good.

xo, pistol daisie

photos above:
1. PISTOLdaisie website design start
2. sample dress making
3. mustache and floral clutch (best of both worlds)
4. patternmaking in the works
5. personal portfolio site design

22 February 2013

06-07. my very own designer tags

i can't tell you how excited i have been this past week! i have been researching and researching how much it would cost to get my own tags printed or sewn for PISTOLdaisie until i stumbled upon a do-it-yourself tag. now everyone knows if i can do it myself i would rather do it myself. i think it's more fun that way... it adds to the adventure :)

so naturally, i HAD to try it out. it was easy peezy and i am so thrilled with how they turned out! needless to say i have been adding tags to everything and making clutch after clutch for a trunk show i am doing next week in monroe, ct.

if you are interested in trying it out for yourself, check out the diy on elm street blog. she's my hero at the moment :)

xo, pistol daisie

ps: any and all clutches i don't sell at the trunk show will be added to my shop! ...and yes, there are mustaches in the collection of clutches! :)

19 February 2013

paintbrushes and hair cutting shears

remember last year when i was renovating blain adams salon? welp, the little details of the main floor are done and perfected and i wanted to share them with you! i am siked with how everything turned out! this month i will be moving on to their main lobby to finish off the renovation. what do you think?

oh! and if you're in connecticut or new york, or if you want travel great distances to get your hair done, i definitely recommend the team over at blain adams salon! they are beautiful people inside and out :)

xo, pistol daisie

14 February 2013

making things happen over here

things in my world have been extremely busy and exciting. i have been doing a ton of research on dress construction, marketing, advertising, color, fabric sourcing, etc., etc. needless to say my to do list is never ending, but i don't mind it so much.

all my life i have always dreamed of creating something of my own. when i was younger i wrote my own songs and told people i was going to be the next faith hill. that dream then developed into becoming the next carmel snow (editor in chief of harper's bazaar in the 1930s). then designing clothes spiraled off of that dream. i've learned to embrace the inspiration when it comes and right now, my moment is saying design dresses that every girl can fall in love with. style to me is extremely empowering so to be able to create a piece of that would be a dream come true.

xo, pistol daisie

ps: dress line is projected to launch the end of march. details will be released soon for exact dates.

12 February 2013

05. hand-painted knobs that just won't quit

ikea is one of my favorite place besides fabric stores and coffee shops. at the beginning of last week we randomly lost power so naturally i went to ikea, came home, and put together a dresser and bookshelf. normal right? anywhooo... here's how it turned out. i painted the drawer knobs and i'm still debating on if i want to paint the drawers. i'm thinkin ombre, but what color?!

love the new addition to my apartment! i am constantly editing furniture and decor to match my ever-changing life :) ...just another tuesday i guess.

xo, pistol daisie

09 February 2013

who says a georgia girl can't handle snow

whoever said a georgia girl can't handle snow was seriously mistaken my friend! nemo dumped a little over two feet in my yard! it was exciting for a southerner like myself to see mounds of snow... i think i handled it pretty well.

i woke up this morning at 6 am and had to kick open my apartment door, which opens right to the outside (i live in a basement apartment). the door pushed aside the snow and it looked like a slice taken out of a pie. my car was buried in the snow and it took a crazy amount of time to find it under all this frozen white stuff! i spent over two hours shoveling my driveway with the intent on leaving for work... but our store decided to remain closed due to the weather. 

kind of excited for my first grown up snow day! ...snow angels anyone? :)

xo, pistol daisie